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Гришка. Диалоги. 7 - 015

Cудя по риторике, Гришка очень внезапно вырос этим летом.

Передано со слов мамы:
Переодевается для утренних приключений.
Я ему говорю: "Don't take off your underwear, as if you put your shorts on without underwear, they will rub your penis and testicles".
Он отвечает "And then I will have blisters on my testicles!"


Gregory: "Mom, why do I have so much hair on my legs? I am gonna look like a gorilla."


- Gregory, I am not feeling well. What if it is coronavirus?
- Mommy, I am sorry you are dying (with no regret in his voice continuing to play a computer game).
- Gregory, what is going to be with you if I die?
- I guess I would have to hire another woman.
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