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Гришка. Диалоги. 7 - 011

Гришкин основной язык общения - английский.
Когда он внезапно желает что-нибудь съесть, он подходит к деду или к бабе Вале и на Украинском языке с грузинским акцентом басит: "Йа хОчу саламы"

Mommy, can you believe when I was six, I did not know nudibranchs even exist, and now I am obsessed with them!


L:- Gregory, it's quarter to midnight. You are supposed to sleep. Why are you still talking non-stop like a chatterbox?
G:- Mommy, it's because there are so many thoughts in my head and there so many pieces of information I want to share.
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